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June 28, 2005



I was curious, too, as to why the comments recieved such wide play today. I looked into it, and it seems that it all started with John Baer's article in The Philadelphia Daily News. This was the first time that those particular remarks appeared in any mainstream publication. That's why this is all breaking now. I suppose the folks at CapitolBuzz saw the article, tracked down Santorum's original piece and let it loose on the blogosphere.

You can see the article, which appeared Friday here:

Charley on the MTA

Hi David,

You know, the fact that the article was three years old did give me pause -- Is this really news? And in the end, I decided to post on it, because if folks didn't know about it before, then it's news to them, as it was to me. And the remarks are certainly outrageous. It seems to me that there is nothing wrong with using a person's own words against him -- honestly and in context -- in a Senatorial campaign or otherwise.

There's a similar argument that the mainstream press has made against covering the Downing Street Memo: Oh, it's old, old news, nothing we don't know about, etc. The memo/minutes may indeed be old, but they provide an insight into the degree of deception that we didn't know before. The events may be old, but if the insight is new, then it's news, in my view.

Also, it seems to me that you're using an ad hominem argument against whoever would publicize those remarks -- that is, conjecturing if they've got an ulterior motive. Well, full disclosure on my political leanings is hardly necessary ... :) I don't like Santorum, never have. So maybe I've got an ulterior motive, too.

But *he* wrote that article, the ideas that he has are either correct or incorrect on their own merits, and up to now it has not been much noticed or commented upon. As a matter of intellectual honesty, it doesn't matter when he made the remarks or who publicized them for what reason. As far as we know, no one put a gun to his head to say those stupid things, and he should be held accountable for his own ideas. The proper place for that is the public sphere (i.e. here) and at the ballot box.

Anyway, thanks for the ping and the thoughtful commentary.


Santorum blames parents of sodomized rape VICTIMS because they're liberal! That's what the headline should have read above the fold in the NYT or WAPO.

10 year-old victim screams out to pederast priest: Molest me father! It's okay because we're in liberal Boston! That should be the Enquirer headline.

What an ass. How do I challenge him to a fistfight?

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