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October 26, 2006



On the other hand, as John Kerry knows well, it is quite a nuisance to be running for President with the Governor of your home state campaigning against you, so that may be a problem for him if Patrick wins.

David Eisenthal

You're assuming that Romney will run from Massachusetts. I think it's possible that Romney may choose to run from another state - Michigan and Utah come to mind quickly as possibilities.

Richard Nixon changed states in the middle of his presidency. In 1968, he ran from New York. In 1972, he ran from California. Romney may do the same before 2008.


I highly doubt it. His only experience in public service is having been our Governor, so I think that will sort of tie him down here, but we'll see.

David Eisenthal

You might be right, but Romney was head of the Salt Lake City Olympics, which wasn't elective office but still a high-profile public position - and sensitive given the problems he walked into out there. He also has significant ties to Michigan - his Dad was Governor there. Romney was quoted one time as saying that if he had intended all along to run for office, he would have done it from Michigan rather than Massachusetts.


Romney can't win with too close an association with Utah. I bet on Michigan.

Conservatives seem to be pulling all the stops out they can to set things up for a Democrat in office to look bad in recent weeks, with expectations that GOP appointees will be swept out in coming years.

We all know about the Mass Pike tolls flip flop (first call for more tolls, then call for abolishing tolls. But I'm suprised conservatives haven't proposed auctioning off toll collections and road maintainance contracts here like they have around the country).

The Board of Ed seems to be preparing for shifts ahead; first by pushing forward with the increase of graduation requirement for MCAS, and at the same meeting, asking for more authority and "streamlining" of labeling schools as inadequate and having the state take them over.

What is the authority of the governor over the Board of Ed? What appointees can be replaced immediately? What appointees have been unfilled in recent years that will be filled as quickly as a Democrat can idenfity good candidates?

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