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April 07, 2007



I'm sure a 100-meter rise in sea level would be stunning.

But, have sea levels ever truly been that high?

I can imagine 20-meter rises because that's what the volume of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets would contribute, but I'm a little skeptical of 100 meters because that's another order of magnitude.

David Eisenthal

Even a 20 meter rise would be a catastrophe of staggering proportions. Using the Boston area as a standard, most of the area within Route 128 would be underwater, as well as Cape Ann and Cape Cod.


This is a very elementary blooper for Scientific American to make and you need to correct this. Arctic sea ice is ALREADY in the water. Melting of Arctic sea ice per se will have NO effect on sea level. Only the melting of ice on land - in Greenland, Antarctica and glaciers around the world - will raise sea levels.


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