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August 19, 2007



They have started the killing and turned against their own neighbors and massacring many women and children left alone at their houses since the all the Turkish man was in a war fighting outside forces trying to destroy Turks,
they even go so far to blame this on Jews and accusing Talat Pasa and his Jewish heritage.
it was a war and Armenians lost , simple is that.
Israel and Turks are long standing allies, and they face similar threats in the region.
all the Jews who know who is a foe and who is a friend with the exception of few that includes Congressman Adam Shift who takes money form Armenian lobby,
If Armenians had a chance they will do everything in their power to harm Jewish people.
I met many of them they, have always talk against the Jews in Los Angeles Diamond district
they are very antisemitic
lets get real .
Thank you
Turkish Jew

Mrs. Erkin baker

To compare the holocaust of the Jews to the tragic events that befell the Armenians (as well as to the Turks) during and after World War I is similar to comparing apples to oranges.

In Europe, before and during WW I, the Jews did not have an army; they did not want land from the Germans; they did not attack German villages and kill their neighbors. The Armenians did all that.

It is also "comparing apples to oranges" when one draws parallels with the relocation of the Japanese-Americans and the relocation of the Turkish-Armenians. Again, the Japanese Americans here did not have an army; they did not attack our towns, and they did not cause damage to life, limb, or property. They were interned only on the suspicion that they might be collaborators.

Let's also remember the scores of the Turkish diplomats that were assassinated by Armenian terrorists in the United States, Canada, and Europe. These murders took place in the 1970's and 1980's.

Mrs. Erkin Baker


The term Genocide was coined by Jewish American Raphael Lemkin who was researching the Armenian genocide by Turkey.

The above two commentors are actually following the exact steps used by Holocaust deniers outlined by Samantha Powers.

Mrs. Erkin Barker's comment is quite twisted. Actually since many prminet Jews oppsed Nazi GErmany during war time (thankfully) and aided their enemies such as Great Britain and the US, I assume she feels the GErmans were jsutified in Antisemtic measures?

Of course not, but the Armenians reacted AFTER they were being massacred and ethnically cleansed. And by the way were the tens of thousands of dead Armenian babies, grandmothers, etc "insurrectionists"?

The dozen Turkish diplomats -- and actual bloody handed genocide implementors like the infamous Talat Pasha killed by Armenian squads was emulated by Jewish quads who (thankfully found and killed a number of Holocaust implimentors).

If "M.Takman" is indeed a Jew he/she already hates everything to do with the Charters of the ADL, and indeed the principals of Judaism with his/her bizzare racist rant.

Mr. Talkman the Armenians and the Jews in America are actually very close. If hatred exists in Turkey yet does NOT exist ONE BIT in the US, or France or anywhere where there are large populations of close friends -- you ought to ask yourself what is the cause of animosity you witness between minorities in Turkey? It is the horrid treatment of the Dhimmi communities. Your rant is caused by your environment of hate in Turkey!

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