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August 24, 2007



I would like your viewers to know that there are many Turkish victims of Armenian mass killings, tortures, destruction of crops and livestock, and properties.

What concerns me most is the killing of my family members. My family come from Kars, Turkiye. An eastern Anatolian Turkish city. The city has paleolithic carvings, a great museum and a multi-ethnic history(

Our DNA shows we have been in this region fo 10 to 12,000 years(Catalhoyuk remans then migration to Caucasia). We follow a very ancient Turkish culture and we believe to be decendents most recently of Huns(Karssaks, Bulgars) who settled in the region 2,000 + years ago. My family had been forced to leave Kars 1870s then 1910s. First by Russians with Armenian troop divisions, then by the Armenian Revolutionary forces(hinchak, dashnak, etc.).

Our most earliest recollection is the parentless twins that were separated at age 4(blue-eyed, blonde- found 40years later), decapitation of a great uncle, aged 17, at the hands of his best Armenian friend, ordered by the Armenian forces. My great-great-grandfather had jumped out of hiding in the closet to avenge the horror, he was hacked to pieces.

Another great-uncle lived amongst several hundred burned bodies of Turks rounded up by the Armenian Guards and tricked that they would be having a big discussion at the mosque. When all the villagers were in the mosque, the doors/windows were sealed and the place was set on fire with diesel(Subatan Kars-. Our great-uncle aged 7 had resisted the scent of charred dead remains and several chants of old Armenian old women that spoke fluent Turkish, pretending to be Turkish villagers to find out if any living were left after the fire. He lived for some say over a week. Only survivor.

Other villages around the region were burned to the ground, crops burned, wells filled with killed villagers.

Kars never had a chance to retaliate for the suffering. Turkish troops came too late. The Armenians had all left to Yerevan and Georgia. Our people had tried Georgia, then settled in Azerbaijan and returned after the Armenians had left.

Now, my question is, why don't the Armenians or people proposed to decide their depiction of the events know all of this? Officially, 530,000 Turks died directly because Armenian killings, but note, the Turks in the Caucasus had been massacred in the millions at the hands of the Bolshevists, then the Red Army under Stalin. Prof. Justin McCarthy estimates that prior to 1880 census records, 85% of Caucasia was Turkish. Modern Armenia had a majority Turkish population and thousands of mosques. How many Turks remain in Armenia? How many mosques? Armenians will proudly say none?



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