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October 28, 2007



I always felt that the most compelling part of the book was that he was an aristocratic styled fellow who was working side by side seamen and eventually gained their respect. If my memory serves me right, later in life Dana would go on to represent those very types of people, and he was known as somewhat of a renegade.

David Eisenthal

You are correct that Dana spent much of his career representing and otherwise advocating for sailors.

I think that you are on to something that is very compelling about the book. For me, the most vivid thing in the book is the portrait it draws of pre-Gold Rush California. This was a California that wasn't long for the world - the Gold Rush started 13 years after Dana left California. This portrait of a fading world is something that makes the book stand out for me.

Charley on the MTA

You know, this book keeps coming up ... gotta read it someday. We used to live on Dana St. in Cambridge, which I think must have been named after him, no?

David Eisenthal

I don't know if Dana Street was named after this Dana, but he came from a fairly prominent family - if the street wasn't named after him, then it likely was named after someone else in his family.

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